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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
 Our Most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers 

 Leatherworks knows how much you prize your saddle and other tack and you have many questions on exactly how we will repair them to your satisfaction. Over the years, our clients have asked many of the same questions.  Below are a sampling of some of the most asked questions we have encountered. 
 Q The zippers on my paddock boots / riding boots are broken, can these be replaced? 
 A The zippers can be replaced. 
 Q The elastic on my girth has stretched, can they be repaired? 
 A The elastic can be replaced with double or triple elastic. 
 Q The rubber on my reins are worn, tacky and stick to my gloves. 
 A The rubber hand parts can be replaced, There are different widths in black or brown, other colors are available. 
 Q I need an extra set of D rings on my saddle. 
 A D rings can be added to the front of the saddle as well as the left/right rear. 
 Q My horse set back and broke the leather halter, can this be fixed? 
 A Leather halters can be repaired, new hardware can be added. 
 Q My saddle is squeaking when I ride, does this indicate a broken tree? 
 A Not necessarily, the bottom pad needs to be removed to do a complete evaluation, a rivet may be loose or the tree may be cracked. All these can be repaired. 
 Q White hairs are starting to appear on my horse's withers, what causes this? 
 A The saddle might be too narrow and is causing pressure points, the tree needs to be widened. 
 Q My saddle is sliding up my horses neck when I ride. 
 A The saddle may be unbalanced and needs to be fitted to the horse. 
 Q Wear spots/holes are appearing on the padding where my knees make contact with the saddle. 
 A Padded knee pads can be repaired by replacing the leather/suede and the padding. 
 Q My saddle has a tear along the seam on the seat. 
 A Seat can be replaced by using quality leather. Do not attempt to patch this with duct tape as it will cause damage to the skirt. 

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