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Repair Serivces
 Leatherworks offers you a complete repair service for English Saddles and Tack. 
 Quality saddle repair, especially English Saddle repair, requires an experienced saddlemaker that is dedicated to his craft and has an artistic flair that can transform your saddle into a work of art.  Leatherworks has the experience, dedication, tools and artistic flair that will give you a saddle that you will be proud to place on your horse.  A saddle that will be comfortable for you and your horse so you both can enjoy the maximum pleasure of riding. 
Before and After Repair
Place your cursor over the above photo to view the repair.
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  • Seats Replaced
  • Billet's Panels and Knee Rolls Replaced 
  • Bridles and Halters Repaired 
  • Stirrup Leathers Repaired and Lined
  • Girth Buckles/Elastic Ends Replaced 
  • Rubber Hand Parts added/replaced on Reins 
  • Whips, Sandwich, Flask and Horn Cases Repaired 
  • Tan and Black Patent Leather Boot Tops added to Boots 
  • Zippers and Gussets'  added to Boots 
  • Add "D" Rings to front and sides of Saddles
  • Chaps and Horse Blankets Repaired
    (Please make sure blankets are clean) 
  • View an actual repair - photo right.
 We Also Specialize In... 
 Fitting your saddle to you and your horse takes an experienced saddle fitter that has fitted every conceivable type of  horse.  Leatherworks has the tools, knowledge and experience to fit your saddle to your horse.  A finely fitted saddle adds to the comfort of the rider and the horse and also reduces stress on both.    
 Our Mobile Service Van Brings Our Shop To You 
 Our Mobile Unit can visit your barn and do repairs on-site

Leatherworks realizes that you can't always send your saddle and tack in for repair or you need a custom fitting of the saddle to you and your mount.  For these reasons, Leatherworks offers our Full Service Mobile Van.  The Van brings a fully equipped custom leather fabrication and saddle repair shop right to your location. 

Leatherworks' mobile service area includes the entire state of Arizona.

Call us (928-202-9154) for a quote and the type of work you require. The quote will include your trip charges.
Mobile Service Van
 Leatherworks warrants that all work will meet the client's expectations. We use only the finest materials available to us for our repairs. Our limited warranty covers the leather materials, stitching and other attachments for a period of 6 months.  Our fitting warranty includes a single refit visit to your location should it be necessary. 
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